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DisplayIt! is the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to create and schedule content on a network of digital displays. It offers full functionality, and ease-of-use for a low one-time cost that is unrivaled in the digital sign industry.

* Licensed - NO MONTHLY FEES or unexpected costs for storage, bandwidth, etc.
* Incorporates PowerPoint Shows, Flypaper, Flash, Digital Video, Images, and Web Sites.
* Scrolling text with RSS feeds, Time, Date, and your custom text.
* The administrative software is free! Place it on one or more workstations.
* The player software (on a small Windows PC) runs according to your schedule.

LOW COST - YOU OWN ITNo recurring per-display fees. License for as many displays as you need; add more later. You own and operate the entire system.
SIMPLICITYNon-technical people can create striking, multi-zone, digital sign presentations in minutes.
LOCATE DISPLAYS ANYWHEREAround the corner, or around the world.
TEMPLATESReusable templates define where each type of content will appear. Simple to create and modify.
QUICK AND EASY SLIDE SHOWSCreate an "artist quality" slide show with dozens of images and music in seconds. Schedule some slides to start and stop on specific dates.
FLYPAPER CONTENTCreate stunning digital menu boards, interactive touch screens, and more - without programming. Easy to use. If you are using PowerPoint now, Flypaper is a simple step up.
FLASH, VIDEO, POWERPOINT and WEBPowerPoint Shows, digital video, Flash and part or all of any web site may all be used. HTTP video streams may be shown in a zone or full screen.
ADMINISTRATIONDefine up to 40 users, passwords, and permission levels. Logs are in spreadsheet format.
TWO YEAR SCHEDULESchedule presentations to play up to 2 years out. Content and schedule are stored at players, minimizing network traffic.
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  • » M73 Tiny
  • With add ons - Win7 Pro, DisplayPort to HDMI
  • adapter, and cable lock - approx. retail $550

  • » Running Windows XP, Vista, Windows-7

  • WEB BASED MEDIA PLAYERS (limited functionality)
  • » NMP-500, NMP-530, ND4210w
  • » DMP-4305G