RaceIt! - The modern way to communicate at races and festivals

RaceIt! is a unique communications tool designed to bring race results, standings, and marshalling information to everyone instantly. Designed by Best Wave's founder and Dragon Boat enthusiast, John Glitsos, as a way to aleviate the constant walking back and forth for marshalling numbers and race results, it now encompasses dynamic advertising, division standings and team historical data.
RaceIt! is the modern way to organize a festival.
Race Results and Standings

Within seconds of race finish, results are published on the Internet for everyone to see. The race number and time, the division, and the heat are in the heading. Then a lane-by lane list of teams with their finish time, penalty seconds, total time, and placement. Click on the division name and see up to the minute standings, or on any team name and see its race history.
Never miss marshalling again! With RaceIt! everyone knows what race is currently underway and which races are in the marshalling area - without leaving their tent. More time for team meetings, warmups and resting between races. Plus, race organizers have a direct communication line to teams and spectators to announce critical venue and race information. Captain's meetings, lost items, steers needed, parking information, or any other critical announcements are instantly visible. This information self-refreshes so anyone watching the races will see changes and announcements as they are made.
RaceIt! provides an advertising opportunity with every race! Festival organizers make money from selling ads to vendors at the festival, nearby businesses, and even to teams and individuals. Advertisements display an image provided by the advertiser and telephone and web buttons. Touching these buttons allows race fans to instantly be connected to the advertiser! Race specials, coupons, even happy birthdays and team encouragement can become ads.
FINISH PHOTOS Race organizers may post finish photos for any race:

AUTOMATIC SEEDING A simple shorthand way of specifying which team should be placed in each semi-final and finals race relieves race organizers of placement. Instead, a simple phrase in the race grid spreadsheet specifies which team should go where.

Here are a few examples:
1ST-R23 - first place in race 23
3RD-Mixed - third place in Mixed division
1ST/3RD-R20,R21 - fastest 3rd place in races 20 & 21

This makes placement a pre-race decision, not a hurried and mistake-prone last minute scramble!

LOOK AT A DEMO RACE NOW! We have put together some demo race results that you can look at right now! Remember, the division names and team names are links to standings pages.

Click this button to see how RaceIt! will make your next festival run smoothly.

RaceIt! is available now for festivals in the United States and Canada through Best Wave.

Find out more by emailing john@bestwave.com or calling (480) 688-5101 Ext 2