SuiteSpot! - The coolest office suite signage ever!

SuiteSpot! brings the concept of digital suite signs to reality. The words that best describe this product are easy, fast, and totally cool. Replace the old plaques that are a pain to replace as occupants move in and out with modern and great looking digital signs. Use displays specifically designed for this purpose, like the EP-1042T from ViewSonic, or an Android or Windows tablet. There are even mounts that make the digital signs look even better than the printed signs they replace. Best of all, if you know how to use PowerPoint, you already know how to use SuiteSpot!.
SuiteSpot! is the modern way to sign a multi-tennant building.
PowerPoint Based

PowerPoint has amazing graphical flexibility, a simple interface that everyone knows how to use, and is on almost every desktop in the world. SuiteSpot! takes this capability to another level. Just modify the suites PowerPoint and save. When SuiteSpot! sees the new version, it will automatically create a new image, and the corresponding html and smil programming for the new graphics. Within seconds, every display in the building is updated.

SuiteSpot! is perfect for Memory Care centers, to assist residents in finding their room. The slide for each suite has the room number, name, and a picture of the occupant(s). With PowerPoint, you can update tennant names and pictures in seconds!

Need advertising or product signage throughout your retail store? Want to update it every day? SuiteSpot! is the perfect solution.
Each slide becomes a sign! With SuiteSpot! you can change any sign in seconds. Just updte any slide, and the rest is automatic.
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FREE 30-DAY TRIAL Download SuiteSpot! now and give it a try. No cost, no obligation.

Includes free support, an excellent User Guide, and a sample PPT stack that you can modify to get started.
No hardware required for trial! Use an existing tablet or desktop with a web browser to see what your tennant signs will look like.

SuiteSpot! is compatible with...
  • Digital Signboards:

  • » ViewSonic EP1042T

  • Media Players (use separate screen)
  • » NMP-580-W
  • » NMP-302W

  • » Computer or tablet with web browser