What makes Best Wave Different?
Its yours! Best Wave software comes with a perpetual use license, just like your desktop software. You pay for it once, and only once.

Even your accountant... will be smiling, because the license is part of your equipment purchase, and can be depreciated along with the hardware. So protect your bottom line with Digital Sign software from Best Wave!
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Talk to a real person... not a call center. Our technicians know the products inside and out because they are all on the development team. No guessing, no scripts, no language barriers, just answers.

Maintenance plans are inexpensive, and cover all of your Best Wave software, regardless of the number of displays or the number of products you have licensed.
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Try it for free before you buy. Our trials are full-featured. In fact we deliver all of our software as a trial, then when you are completely satisfied, we convert your trial registration to permanent.

Comprehensive support... during your trial. We want you happy, and we will keep in touch with you and make sure that everything is working to your complete satisfaction.
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What is Digital Signage? Digital signage is the use of electronic displays to communicate with a target audience.

It is used in a variety of settings and applications to reduce costs and make communication more timely and impactful.

What are the benefits of digital signs? Digital signs can be updated quickly with new information. Their content can vary based upon their location, the time of day, or current priorities.

Digital signs can convey messages in a more compelling and engaging way than paper signs.

They can also be interactive through the use of touch screen technology. Interactive signs further engage the audience and allow them to seek information on their terms, rather than passively waiting for the information they need.
Applications of Digital Signage
  • » Communicating with customers in real time.
  • » Communicating with employees on a regular basis.
  • » Digital menus showing breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • » Promoting or advertising products and services.
  • » Notifying and informing during an emergency.
  • » School bulletins and cafeteria menus.
  • » Factory floor messages - priority orders, deadlines.
  • » Informing guests of facility rules and regulations.
  • » Thanking special employees for a job well done.
  • » Greeting customers to your facility.
What makes Best Wave digital signs different?
  • » No monthly, storage, or usage fees, ever!
  • » You own and operate your own sign network.
  • » Signs can be around the corner or the world.
  • » Anyone can update signs from their desktop.
  • » Comprehensive customer support by experts.
  • » Low-cost Windows PC media players.
  • » Continual improvement driven by customers.