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Schedule in Outlook, Google Calendar, or other calendar system - ReserveIt! will do the rest * ReserveIt! is quick, easy and inexpensive.
* Eliminates wasted time caused by conference room "jumping."
* Schedule meetings as you do now at your desktop or smartphone! No change to procedures.
* Use displays that are surface or flush mounted in either landscape or portrait mode.
* It works with personal, shared, or Exchange Server Outlook configurations.
* It works with Google Calendars (one per meeting room). And with
* exported text files from other calendars. Even an Excel spreadsheet can hold your calendars.
* You control the formatting of each display to match your corporate look.
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SIMPLICITYJust update your Outlook or Google Calendar as usual, or export data from other calendar systems, or use an Excel spreadsheet to hold your calendar information. Recurring events are supported, and meetings flagged as private are displayed as 'Private meeting' in the agenda. Available in English, Spanish, French, German.
LOW COSTLicenses are priced as low as $107 per conference room. There are no recurring fees.
ALL ROOMS DISPLAYPlace a screen at the entrance with the complete schedule for the day for all rooms.
SIMPLE FORMATTINGYou can set the Title, Sub-Title, and Footer text. Include the time and date in any line.
FONT FLEXIBILITYEach text line is set to a font, style, color, and size you want, including your Corporate font.

BACKGROUNDSReserveIt! includes over 100 sample backgrounds. Or make your own JPG to fit your corporate identity standards.
ATTACH IMAGESAdd one or more JPG images to any event. Perfect for guest welcomes, weddings, advertising, and more! (not yet available for Google Calendars)
UPDATING FLEXIBILITYYou control how often updates occur. Events can remain on the screen after they are over,or be removed automatically.
ANY NUMBER OF DISPLAYSReserveIt! "pulls" content, so there is no limit to the number of displays you can have.
VIEW WHAT IS BEING SHOWNReserveIt!'s view tab shows the agenda currently being displayed for any room, or view via any web browser.
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Compatibility ReserveIt! is compatible with...
  • Digital Signboards:

  • » 10" EP1042T (POE)

  • Media Players (use separate screen)
  • » NMP-580-W
  • » NMP-302W

  • » Computer/screen with web browser
  • » Digital Sign Board with SMIL support
  • » Any Viewsonic E-Poster with a SMIL player
  • » Media player with SMIL support

  • » Display by entering conference room URL.